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Kwankwaso Strong Men Solidarity Visit To Ganduje in Abuja

R-L; Kwankwaso former cimmisioner for Special duties, General Idris Bello Danbazau posing for a photographs with Gov. Umar Ganduje during the visit

R-L; Kwankwaso former cimmisioner for Special duties, General Idris Bello Danbazau posing for a photographs with Gov. Umar Ganduje during the visit

Gov. Ganduje middle with some of the delegation

During the visit

During the visit

Kwankwaso Strong Men Pay Solidarity Visit To Ganduje in Abuja

…Gwagwarwa blames Kwankwaso for being a maximum ruler

…Dan Sarauniya says Kwankwaso thinks he owns Kano

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As 2019 general election draws nearer the Kwankwasiyya faction of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), belonging to the former governor of Kano state, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, has been loosing grip in the last few days, as the strong materials within the camp decided to desert him.

His former Commissioner for Special Duties, General Idris Bello Dambazau (rtd) was in recent days, the one who left Kwankwasiyya and joined All Progressives Congress (APC) courtesy governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Apart from others who, in drops and in groups are leaving Kwankwaso to his fate, some notable members of the Kwankwasiyya group also decided to join Ganduje train ahead of the forthcoming elections.

Today, Friday, strong financiers and strategists of Kwankwasiyya group paid a solidarity visit to the gover Ganduje at Kano Governor’s Lodge, Asokoro, Abuja, assuring him of their unalloyed support in the forthcoming elections, come 2019.

They are Senator Isah Yahaya Zarewa, Arc Aminu Dabo, Bala Gwagwarwa, Babangida Sule Garo and Engineer Mu’azu Magaji  Dawakin Tofa, popularly called Dan Sarauniya. While the former Deputy Governor Prof Hafiz Abubakar, was among those billed to visit the governor, but his flight schedule was changed from his destination, due to weather situation. He sends his unalloyed support also.

In a brief discussion the governor held with them, in the presence of the Director General, Ganduje Campaign Council, 2019, Alhaji Nasiru Aliko Koki, all faces of the visitors were visibly happy with the visit.

Former National Treasurer before his defection to the PDP with Kwankwaso, Bala Gwagwarwa said they left Kwankwasiyya because the respect they deserve from him (Kwankwaso) was not there. That, how Kwankwaso behaves is more like in another setting not democratic.

“Everybody knows that we always supported him because we believed he needed that support in his political engagements. But with the recent unfolding events, it appears that he doesn’t think we are matured enough to be consulted on issues of that nature, (referring to the choice of Abba K. Yusuf to be the gubernatorial candidate of PDP Kwankwasiyya for 2019 election),” Gwagwarwa disclosed.

He further assured that they came into APC fold to support Ganduje get another chance of four years to govern Kano, adding that, “All we are after is the development of Kano state and the country in general. We believe governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje can deliver and he is delivering.”

He hinted that many of them were following suit from the Kwankwasiyya group. “This is just the beginning. More are coming. We all believe that governor Ganduje knows the dignity of all irrespective of age or social status,” Gwagwarwa added.

Engineer Mu’azu Magaji believes that, Ganduje’s style of leadership and human management was a good thing to write home about. Insisting that, “Kano’s development is what we are after not any other thing. We believe both President Muhammadu Buhari and governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje mean well for the country and the state.”

He also challenged Kwankwaso for being too self-centred, arguing that, “the former governor thinks he could do and undo in whatever thing he faces. It may sound awkward, but Kwankwaso feels that Kano belongs to him alone.”

“As you are seeing us here, we have many more coming towards our direction. For your information, we are in touch with Kwankwasiyya strong people from over 30 local governments across the state, who are disturbingly touched with the decision of Kwankwaso on fielding gubernatorial candidate. And they too, are coming our way,” disclosed Engineer Magaji.

When asked why they didn’t visit Ganduje with the former governor Prof Abubakar, Magaji said the former governor was part of the delegation, “…only that he missed his flight to Abuja. But if you are current, you are aware that, we went together with him to the Presidency in the last two days. And very soon you will see him with governor Ganduje together. There is no doubt about this.”

Condemning how Kwankwaso picked the gubernatorial candidate for the PDP Kwankwasiyya faction, Dan Sarauniya said “During the 1999 primary election Kwankwaso was given the ticket not because he was somebody’s son or an in-law to somebody. But he changed the pattern, that was decent and orderly.”

He dismissed allegation that they left Kwankwaso because of their personal reasons, that were not public-based, he challenged that “Kwankwaso derailed from moral political practice. So to us, he has nobody to blame but himself. People should also know that coming back to APC to us is not something difficult. Just look at how governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje accepts us with all open mind and smiling face.”

He added that “Among many factors for our defection is Ganduje’s humility, humane face, unmatched infrastructural development, without any consideration to party differences.”

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