Mc Oluomo Congratulate Nigeria @ 59

Mc Oluomo

Mc Oluomo Congratulate Nigeria @ 59


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The Chairman Lagos State Council of NURTW, Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, MC-OLUOMO congratulated Nigerians especially members of NURTW on the occasion of the 59th independence anniversary.

Alhaji Akinsanya Mc-oluomo in a congratulatory message to members of NURTW in Lagos State, used the occasion to caution drivers against reckless driving or other acts capable of causing accident or breakdown of vehicles on the road as we celebrate.

Lagos State NURTW Chairman warned drivers against driving vehicles under the influence of alcoholic, and dangerous substances, stressing that drivers and other supporting workers such as conductors and commuters should conduct themselves in an orderly manner devoid of arguments or misunderstanding.

“As we celebrate 59th Independence of our beloved country, and after the celebration, we should not drink alcoholic drinks and other dangerous substances while driving, let’s be professional in our job, Akinsanya said.

Alhaji Akinsanya said that the union is committed to transform road transport sector like other professional groups, to attract more patronage and investment in the road Transport from investors.
Peace is key because a peaceful atmosphere would engender tranquility.

Alhaji Akinsanya Mc-oluomo pointed out plans are uderway to train and retrain drivers on professional skills of interaction with commutters.

He advised the drivers to ensure that their vehicles are in order and it complies with rules and regulations guiding the transportation law to avoid embarrassment from traffic law enforcement agents.

“Drivers, I urge you, before embark on any journey, check your vehicle’s engine, brake, wipers, tyres, and other usful facilities.”

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