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The Lagos State House of Assembly Muslim Community has congratulated the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi OBASA on his emergence as the Speaker of the 10th Assembly of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The Council of Imams also congratulated the returning and new members that were sworn in and enjoined them to put the fear of Allah in all their affairs and focus on their constitutional responsibilities to make enabling laws that will alleviate the suffering of the masses.

The emergence of Rt.Hon. OBASA as Speaker has demonstrated the importance of legislative experience and competence especially in the legislative business of governance.

The Imams expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah for his continuous guidance and protection over the House, the Muslim community, leadership,Honourable members,Management and staff of the Assembly.

Hon. OBASA has been in the House since 2003 and became the Speaker 8 years ago.

The Council also congratulate the president and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces ,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, Governor Babajide-Sanwo- Olu and the deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hazmat on their successful inauguration on May 29th.

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The commingling of the present soothing and suavely atmospheric conditions with the effervescent mood in Accra is just too robust, palpable and exhilarating just as Ghanaians are bubbling in excitement and high expectations ahead of February 9, 2024 SCOAN Revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

The revival promises to be another big statement in evangelism and charity works that have become synonymous with The Synagogue, Church of All Nations.

Residents and people from neighbouring countries are besieging the city in full optimism and passion for the miracles they are anticipating as can be seen in their excitement whenever vehicles carrying the crusade banners pass through the streets.

“Regardless of what anti-christ people and spiritual ignoramuses may say, we that had known and benefited from God’s raw power and love in TBJoshua know him to be a great man of God and that grace has continued to flourish in Pastor EVELYN Joshua” said by an eminent personality inside his exotic car in the traffic.

The atmosphere is getting more electrifying, reminiscence of the colonial days when people were full of eagerness to see the arrival of imperial rulers

This writer’s visit to The SCOAN Ghana branch revealed many things: church workers were in their hundreds, working and putting in place logistics for the event. One conspicuous thing about them was the passion and zeal with which they were working. Also, sick people and those in search of spiritual succor have thronged the church to be registered for the Prayer line.

A member of the ministry who is on ground in Accra, Mr Segun Olanipekun, said, “The atmosphere is fully charged. The expectations are high and People are in high spirit. People are prepared to receive the touch of God because the turnout of people at last Sunday’s service in Ghana was overwhelming with uncountable number of cars parked on both sides of the road leading to the church. This shows that people are now hungrier to have an encounter with God.”

Speaking on the forthcoming revival during her closing remarks at The SCOAN Sunday service on February 4, 2024, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said The SCOAN would continue to evangelize as long as satan himself is not relenting on his mission of stealing, killing and destruction.

“We shall continue to evangelize with our mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. The Ghana revival is another opportunity for us to experience God’s touch on humanity,” she said.

The Ghana revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua on Friday February 9, 2024 will be followed by the Partners’ Meeting on Saturday February 10 while Monday February 12 will be for charity program.

Since the demise of the founder of the ministry, Prophet TB Joshua, the new leadership led by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, has vowed to sustain his legacy of winning souls to the Kingdom and bringing hope to the hopeless in a world full of troubles.

Honourable David Apasera, a former member of the ECOWAS Parliament and also the leader of the People’s National Convention in Ghana has this to say: “This is a great occasion and this year is an election year for Ghana.

We need the intervention of the Lord and we know that with the coming of our mother, we are expecting a lot of deliverance and also healing for our land so that there would be peace. This is why we are singing in expectation.”

Honourable Samuel Jabanyite, a former parliamentarian, Chereponi and CEO SATCO Limited speaks with enthusiasm: “I am particularly very happy with the arrival of our mother.

The Lord has used her and we have seen how the church has grown from strength to strength both in Ghana here, in Nigeria and all over the world. Her coming here is going to be an opportunity for God to use her to break down bondages and free people from all their spiritual attacks and then bring them closer to God. We expect her to pray for our country, especially because this is a year of elections.”

Another public servant, Hon Dominic Azumah, a former parliamentarian and Minister of State was not left behind: “I am here to welcome mama to Ghana. I have followed closely her performances since she took over the mantle of leadership of the church. It is our prayer that the good Lord will touch her heart to revolutionize the church. It is my prayer that the good Lord will use her mightily to bless our country Ghana.

We pray that she would add us into her prayer so that we can have a smooth transition into the next government. We pray for a fruitful visit.

As a country we have faced a myriad of problems. First and foremost is the issue of peace. If there is peace in this country, other things will follow. Economic benefits will come. When there is no peace these benefits will not come.”

Clearly Ghanaians are set for a great revival while the mission and vision of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world as anchored by TBJOSHUA is moving in grace and unswervingly.

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The BBC world services investigative unit, code-named ‘Africa eye’ came out this week with weird and strange episodes of atrocities against late Prophet TBJoshua, founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN.

To investigate and publish or broadcast reports is a central kernel in journalism But to do this outside the ethics and fundamental principles of the profession is an aberration.

Journalism as societal watch dog requires fairness, balancing and objectivity in order to command dignity honour and respect as the fourth estate of the realm. BBC has compromised these lofty principles by descending into fictional narratives and propaganda thus turning itself into a weapon for a hatchet job as gangsters in the gab of journalism with a destructive ulterior motive for personal gains against a perceived enemy.

Only BBC can best explain why it woefully deviated from true journalism and chose to be dishing junks and feeding the public with stones called bread by its offensive and disenchanted lopsided reports of disgruntled and shameless elements.This to say the least is insulting to our professional and public intelligence.

One thing is very obvious, hundreds of BBC charades cannot rubbish the indelible footprints of TBJoshua’s legacies on earth again.

There are thousands of REAL human beings who had received dumbfounding miracles and tremendously benefited from the anointing and grace the Lord endued with His servant while on earth that could not be disputed that are lining up and responding angrily to this imperialist broadcasting station. Many of them are in the UK the home base of BBC but which its jaundiced investigative eyes could not see but only the obviously suborned narrators! Myriads of broken homes reconciled by TBJoshua are also crying foul of BBC’s broadcast of iniquity.

Uncountable hopeless children drawn from different parts of the world; some brought by their parents while some were picked from drug joints or brothels who have gotten their destinies restored are also pissed off by the offensive reports.

His ineffable love and charity works across the globe including horrible disaster spots speaks volumes in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East among other continents. BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot by its compromise and roadside journalism.

Incidentally SCOAN is not ready to belittle its honour by responding to the BBC charade. BBC would not have lost anything if it had gone to the church even to disguise as visitors in order to have direct experience of what is happening in the church instead of relying on disgruntled and manipulated individuals some of whom are never known before in SCOAN as could be seen in the episodes.

Some of those identified there are relics of homosexual and lesbian associates. My findings further show that everything the BBC put together was strange to SCOAN.

One other clearly illogical thing in the charade is the BBC categorical statement that the man of God was involved in all the abuse for over two decades! How could that be in a nation governed by law? It shows the station’s crude disrespect and bizarre perception of Nigeria. Where were all those shameless interviewees in all the decades? Was it when the man passed on that they suddenly became awake or came back to their senses? Only a fool will have respect for such charlatans.

This is not only shameful to hear but also insulting to see from the work of supposedly well trained reporters!

On the tragic collapse of the church guest house, it is shocking that BBC also turned itself to building expert through its charlatans to disregard the opinion of various renowned international erudite and building experts on what it didn’t know anything about. It was all just to call the dog a bad name so that they could hang it.

It is obvious that the sponsors of the BBC hatchet job must have been transmogrified by the continued growth of the church like the tree planted by the river side which remains incomprehensible to those satanic agents who erroneously thought the church was finished with the passing of TBJoshua not knowing that whatever is of God cannot be uprooted by anyone.

Thank God you exonerated his only wife of any wrong doing throughout the decades of your so-called investigated lopsided work. But did you think any wife at all could be seeing and watching all these nonsensical and annoying scenarios you painted for decades and still kept silent? I am yet to read any literature or hear of such a woman in the universe! This is illogical, irritating, incomprehensible, unfathomable and satanically dubious and malicious.

Persecution of divine envoys or servants of God is not new in history. For cursed and manipulated false witnesses to arise and manufacture intimidating and damaging lies has always been and history would always repeat itself.

ONE thing is very important and which every opinion moulder must know: no one can run away from harvesting the consequences of whatever seed he or she has planted in Creation. As a matter of fact, it’s in God’s adamantine will that such a planter either through his words, deeds, writings or actions will never be free not until those people he or she had misled are free. This is why we must not allow ourselves to be carried away by any situation no matter the immediate benefits because the consequences coulf be fatal. BBC investigative reporters in this case on their so-called episodes on TB Joshua should bow down their heads in shame as journalists in their fictional voyage of the theatre of the absurd.

(Adejumo is a journalist and public affairs analyst)

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Experience Number 18: “A Trip Characterized By Belief, Harmony, Cooperation, And A Strong Transformative Moment”- Elder Adefarasin





The Covener of The Experience,Pastor Paul Adefarasin has described the 18th Edition of The Experience as a journey defined by faith,unity,collaboration,and powerful transformative moment.

He made this assertion at the Press Conference of The Experience 2023 with the theme ”Jesus Our Maker” in Lagos.

This Year’s edition which will be holding at the same location, The Tafawa Balewa Square with various gospel artist  within and Outiside Nigeria,they include Travis Greene,Naomi Raine,Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach Dunsin Oyekan,Donnie McClurkin,Adeyinka Alaseyori,Tope Alabi and many other gospel artist.

According to the Convener Pastor Paul Afefarasin said The Experience  in more ways than one symbolises a beacon of hope distrusting the darkness of widespread hopelessness  and feelings of desolation.

He said beyond being a concert, The Experience has matured into a counterculture that aspires to bring Heaven down to Earth and into the reach of humanity as we navigate the intricate interplay of faith and culture shaping our interaction and development initiatives in our shared journey toward great nationhood.

One of the  gospel artist who has been attending since the inception of the program Dornie McClurkin  The Experience has the most life changing of his life. He said he has been part of the Church and seeing the vision and expansion and remarkable in the way God is working.

The 16th Edition of The Experience will be holding later tonight at the Tafawa Balewa Square Onikan Lagos

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