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Thousands of worshippers will converge at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN on Sunday December 3, 2023 for its second year Thanksgiving service.

The anniversary is the commemoration of the commencement of church services after the glorious passing of its founder, the renowned spiritual healer, televangelist and uncommon philanthropist God’s General Prophet. The anniversary would be held simultaneously all over the world.

TBJoshua passed on June 5, 2021. But up till then the church had remained closed to weekly services following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic and the Senior Prophet’s decision to further suspend general public services until God would so direct.

With the new mantle of leadership falling on Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the SCOAN formally opened its cathedral for the regular worship and service that had been in suspense for over a year.

Speaking on this year’s anniversary, Pastor Evelyn Joshua stated that the Thanksgiving service would be for the celebration of God’s faithfulness and glorification of His Holy Name for His goodness and wonderful works in SCOAN.

“God has been tremendously good and faithful to us in SCOAN. He has been doing wonderful works in our midst all over the world for the glory of His Holy Name and better humanity as He anchored it through His servant, Prophet TBJOSHUA”, adding that “it’s another moment of rejoicing in God’s presence, acknowledging His grace, mercy and favour as our refuge, shield and fortress”.

To precede the anniversary is a prayer line on Friday, December 1 for deliverance and healing service for the sick across the globe with different health conditions.

This anniversary according to Joshua is also another time of specifically reaching out to the needy of different segments in the society in God’s ineffable love and will as He has commanded us.

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There is something quite extraordinary and intriguing about TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA the Prophet! Most people spent around nine months in their mothers’ wombs before they were born but TBJOSHUA’S case was different.

He stayed in the womb to spend double periods, eighteen solid months!
Born on June 12, 1963 in a rustic village to peasant parents reminiscence of the biblical birth in the manger of our Lord Jesus Christ, TEMITOPE was obviously an unusual child.

Mysteriously, a few days after his birth, a fiercely errant heavy boulder from the nearby rock pierced the roof of the house, just at the exact center of where he was laid on the mat smashing everything around him but the little baby boy TEMITOPE was miraculously protected and unhurt to the amazement of everyone around!

TBJoshua was a big puzzle, an enigma abinitio. As a child he was a precocious one. The little TEMITOPE stood out in character, understanding, knowledge with a propulsive bold faculty that used to transmogrify the elders. In life, what people do not know they call names and what they know but cannot explain no matter how real it is, they deride because of their impure hearts!.

He grew up facing the vicissitudes of life without losing focus of his assignment on earth as he grew up more in grace, wisdom and power till when the time came for him to announce his apostolicism.

The Bible had more or less become a moonlight tales in several quarters when TBJOSHUA emerged. Christianity and church going had become a camouflage as worshipping had degenerated to mere ceremonies without power.

TBJoshua, the game changer invigorated and rejuvenated the ruggedness of the early church, the real Christianity that was in abeyance.

That was the beginning of his ordeals with modern Pharisees and saduces!
Persecuted in life and death, TBJOSHUA was the most abused prophet of our time.

He was under the siege of concocted lies yet he never lost focus. The radiance of his legacy, the glorious works of God for which he was born and died for continue to blossom beyond human imagination and to the chagrin of his traducers.

He was the golden tree planted by the river that brought forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf could not wither and whatever he laid his hand on prospered.

“I cannot but do the work of my Master Jesus Christ. Jesus loves sinners but he hates sins and his mission was to redeem the world and bring sinners into repentance in order for them to be attuned with God. Why should I discriminate against those people you people like Pharisees all regard as sinners by their appearance, dressing or lifestyles from coming to me? Jesus is interested in them to have an encounter with Him” he once stated when some people were wondering of his open arms to all that came to him.

“Many of your big people cannot come here because of the evil powers they worship or what they carry inside their clothes because the power of God would expose and neutralise them the moment they step here”, he also once commented.

TBJOSHUA was a man who walked not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stood in the path of sinners, nor sat in the seat of the scornful; but his delight was in the law of the Lord in which he medicated day and night. This was very palpable and apparent in his life.

Corollarily, he introduced faith bracelets for use by SCOAN’S members for the purpose of making them imbibe in the culture of true meditation on the Words of God as he often told us: “‘the greatest achievement you can have in life is the ability to hear from God”.

TBJOSHUA was the prophet of the prophets. He had no time for frivolity and wonton desires. Can you ever imagine or believe that TBJOSHUA did not have a personal house outside the church where he lived or the open prayer mountain where he spent most of his time on knees? He lived the Word, taught the Word and preached the Word with power.

He was the chip of the apostolic old block holding tenaciously to the old rugged cross! Before he departed the world he issued out some prayers which he called timeless prayers that can never expire.

Today whenever his voice is heard in the prayer it brings comotion into the kingdom of darkness with various manifestations of unclean spirits. With his “distance is not a barrier to power of God”, once you pray with him on Emmanuel television or merely touch the television screen while the prayer is going on, the power of God would touch you visibly. It’s amazing and unfathomable! God is awesome!

TBJoshua brought people closer to God. Through him people came to understand the God they worshipped and not an imaginary being you just worship for worship sake in the common meretricious bandwagonism!

The humblest human being you can ever come across, in him you would learn and see the greatness that lies in simplicity.
TBJOSHUA was a turning point not only in the development of the history of Christianity in the world but also as the loadstar in the illumination and advancement of the spiritual knowledge concerning the essence of humanity and mankind in Creation

TBJOSHUA was a bundle of love, the most generous human being without any discrimination I have ever come across. Your background, colour, religion or tribe was completely irrelevant to him. It’s difficult to offend him in any way. The love in him, the grace of holiness in his focus and concern for you even in your foolishness would magnetize his sympathy and blessing.

He did not have two eyes; the only one he had was the one that saw only what his Master, Jesus Christ wanted. There was no way anybody could meet TBJOSHUA and remain the same.

in him was an oil of blessing incessantly flowing. He was not an academic person, though he honoured and cherished learning. Here was a man with little or no education but his wisdom and prowess of intelligence would humble any man with a prodigy of learning. He was not given to verbosity but his lucid short conversation with you would expose the inadequacy of the chains of your degrees.

TBJOSHUA was unimaginably very deep! He was the only pastor or prophet who would hold crusades in different countries without collecting offerings or taxing the crusade organizers for any monetary support. Instead he would be the one to carry out additional stupendous charity works and donations for such countries.

At home or abroad, he never for once printed any envelopes for donation of any kind for church works. “No, have you ever seen me printing envelopes asking for donations? No I won’t do that because whenever God truly sends you on a mission, He would always put in the hearts of those who would support the mission” he once decried the situation in Cameroon where there was a massive advert for donations towards establishing a branch of Synagogue Church in Yaounde without his consent or knowledge.

Your tithes, thanksgivings and offerings were meaningless to TBJOSHUA. He would tell you tersely: “go to your church where you worship, don’t bring it here because you received healings or miracles. God had already answered your prayers there before you came”. That was TBJoshua who was never happy with the reckless individualism in several Christian quarters, the disunity among the churches and servants of God that could have made them work together as a team for Jesus Christ. Even for his church members he would tell them: “take such monies to the sick, orphans and those in need. God would hear your prayers if you do that”. Material acquisition was completely meaningless to him.

He was never a burden to anyone but a carrier of other people’s burdens.
A workaholic and exemplary leader, whose good works touched the lives of millions of people across the globe,TBJOSHUA was a thorn in the flesh of religious shenanigans and charlatans, the agents of darkness, the spiritual highway robbers, masquerading as servants of God dishing out and feeding people with stone disguised as bread by their exposure through the reality of what was happening in the Synagogue Church of All Nations!

“A true prophet of God would not be asking questions before telling you the mind of God for you. He would not allow you to talk before addressing you. “Prophecy is a complete package. Once it’s from God, your bondage is automatically broken when delivered. Once I talk to you that’s all. Have you ever seen me prophesying to people and still asking them to go and do anything for their problems to solve? No, It’s like breathing. Just go and sin no more your past is over”, he said.

TBJoshua was the quintessential prophet of God. You cannot be a true follower of TBJoshua, listening and attending his teachings, following his footsteps and lifestyles and still put your hands in dirty or sinful things.

The fear of TBJoshua from exposing your secret sins was the beginning of wisdom to worship in truth and spirit in SCOAN for those who were awake. I personally witnessed instances where he could just be walking and suddenly stop and say: “you, you (pointing at a person)stand up.

You are a member of this church and you are still patronizing the witch doctor or babalawo! What’s this I am looking at inside your cupboard or a corner in the room of your house? Such infidels would collapse and confess immediately with faithless excuses and be crying for God’s forgiveness. You cannot hide from him because he would dissect you from the womb and things of centuries from your background to your amazement.

Sometimes it could be on the television screen that he would see you and immediately ask you to be fetched out. You cannot escape from his spiritual antennae of capturing people with a sinful lifestyle once he sees you.

That’s the TBJOSHUA, the man of God in the Synagogue who would not compromise with evils. He was the light shining in darkness that people in darkness could not comprehend!
In the words of Williams Shakespeare, you came, you saw and you conquered! Your legacy of love, pure Christianity, service to humanity like a Colossus has continued to be-stride the entire world breaking and chartering all fetters and shackles of darkness veiling the human eyes.

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The faithful across the globe stand still in joyful adoration; resonance of purity as Hallmark of human existence, altruism, love, holiness and humanitarianism vibrated and rejuvenated in the hearts of mankind as the great prophet and humanist and extra-ordinary philanthropist TBJOSHUA’S was remembered in the third year anniversary of his glorious departure from the earth on June 5, 2021.

Dr. Kirstan Nematandam, a South African nationalist who flew in to Ikotun Egbe Lagos to partake in the solemn night ceremony described the all night praise and worship event as ‘a spiritual high watershed, and great moment in all continents of the world to thank God for the grace of TBJOSHUA on earth in His ineffable love for mankind and His Creation’.

‘TBJoshua was a great man of God whose life was Christlike, living the Word and practicing the Word, he was the light shining in darkness, the most humble man you could ever come across who touched the lives of millions, preaching the Word with power and with an extra-ordinary philanthropy across the universe’ he said.

Notwithstanding the simultaneous happening of the event in several nations, many still flew into Ikotun-Egbe SCOAN’S headquarters. International visitors from many African countries, America, Asia, Middle East, Europe filled the Cathedral to the brim.

Significantly before the June 5 event, Emmanuel TV Partners of the prophet’s broadcasting channel had carried out stupendous charity works in their respective domains.

The atmosphere was ecclesiastically electrifying as people from diverse languages from all walks of life spoke glowingly of the transformational power of God in their lives by their encounters with TBJOSHUA

A leading Pastor from Argentina who came to Ikotun Egbe for this event, Pastor Robert Acosta has this to say with great excitement:

“The men of God who impacted lives and transformed generations under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit never die. The Bible says, ‘their works with them continue’.

“The teachings, the example, the impartation continue to live on in our hearts and in our lives. Prophet T.B. Joshua, his life, example and ministry has been a gift from God to the whole world but in a particular way to my life, my wife and family, and to our church and congregation.

“He was our pastor, our friend, for five years until he passed on to glory, and we continue to live with the legacy he had left us. The impartation we had received from the Holy Spirit through the life of the man of God, continues to bring healing to the sick, continues to raise cripples, perform amazing miracles and deliverances; not only should we but we want to honor God for the life of the man of God, that is why we come to Nigeria to exalt God and I believe that just as in the days of Elisha, when he had already departed, there was anointing in his bones, I believe there is still much anointing to continue resurrecting lives and ministries, not by a man that had passed on to glory, but by the Spirit of God that continues to operate.
“We have come to honor God with joyful activities for this great man of God.

He has been for me a father in the Lord, a friend, a Pastor and has been an honor from Heaven to have walked and shared time with him, his teachings, his advice, his prayers have transformed our lives.
“Even today, in our radios, discipleships and meetings his teachings are still alive…
God has done it through the man of God”.

Pastor Sandro Gomes dos Santos, leading the Brazilian group was full of vivacity;
“I am here to celebrate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua, a unique man, a unique prophet, a great man of God and his legacy remains. It is ageless and cannot be forgotten. The good works he did here on earth are wonderful and cannot be forgotten.

“Prophet T.B. Joshua impacted my life not only with his ministry of miracles, signs and wonders, but with his love for the Word. When he spoke the Word it went straight into my heart and changed the way I was and the way I thought. His teaching on offence and forgiveness completely changed my heart. With him I learned how to let go of offence and the importance of having a pure heart.

“He exemplified everything he taught, his life was a life of excellence. Prophet T.B. Joshua’s legacy is beyond time and will remain forever. He is a special man of God, there is no other like him. The opportunity to be here on this anniversary for me is a gift from God.

“I come to honour the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua and his legacy. As the Bible says: He who honours a prophet receives a prophet’s reward. This is an opportunity given by God, not man. God in His infinite grace allowed me to come and showed me that

“His anointing and power continues here in this ministry through Pastor Evelyn Joshua. There is a fresh anointing, something new and extraordinary.

The wonders of God continue to work here at SCOAN. God has done great and extraordinary things through Prophet T.B. Joshua and that mantle continue to rest upon Pastor Evelyn Joshua, just as it did with Elisha. I am so grateful to be here to celebrate the life and legacy of Prophet T.B. Joshua”.

Engineer Kolawole Samuel, from Sokoto has this to say:

“We thank God for the life of our father in the Lord, Prophet TB Joshua and also our mother, Pastor Evelyn Joshua who has continued to uplift the mantle that our prophet laid down for us. She has not allowed the mantle to drop down and fall away. We thank God for our lives.

“For the past 14 years,I have been part of the ministry and for the grace of God in our prophet and the grace I received through the anointing, I have not stopped coming despite the fact that I come from the far North of Nigeria, Sokoto.

“I can’t stop coming. In fact, the ministry is already part of me. If I have the grace to come every two weeks,I won’t hesitate. But each time God gives me grace, I make sure I come. For the past 14 years,June has been in my schedule. “Every year, I specifically budget for June to be here for our Prophet’s birthday. After his passing, we are still coming from the moment the church was reopened because of the grace of God in the life of our prophet and our mother in the Lord, Pastor Evelyn Joshua

“Our prophet is a great prophet. He is one prophet I ever agree with. I joined the Emmanuel TV at my home in July 2006. It was a Muslim brother who installed the television at his home who introduced the channel to me. I was not used to following any prophet or pastors until I came across TBJOSHUA.

It was the Muslim brother who informed me that almost everyone was installing Emmanuel TV at home both Christians and Muslims! It triggered me and asked him to install it for me. when I started watching, I started seeing things I had never seen or heard in my life, especially the teachings of the prophet, the deliverances, the prophecies and the act of giving.

The way he treated people inspired me to follow him the most. I came for the first time in August, 2012. Since then I have been coming. ‘God has raised my level to another level. I never personally met the prophet until 2014 when I gave my first live testimony. I have always come. God has been so wonderful. God is really with our prophet and those of us following him.

It is the Holy Spirit that can do things and not we by ourselves!
“We should keep praying for our mummy for the fire of the Holy Spirit to continue to influence her. It is God that can do it. The work will keep growing. We shall keep praying for her that God should strengthen her in the work of the ministry”.

To Mr. Segun Olanipekun, one of the Coordinators full of excitement said: “The last three years have been of joyful activities and the ministry has greatly expanded to the glory of God. some of the programs that I can remember that have taken place under Pastor Evelyn Joshua’s leadership are;

The church was reopened after about two years of lockdown, we had a three-day revival on the prayer mountain,
Akure branch was reopened, frequent weekly charity work in the church,
Partners, revival, crusade and charity meetings in South Africa,Ghana, Lusaka, Zambia, Madrid in Spain, Kenya, France, Germany, UK , USA, Canada and Nigeria. The tempo for these activities has been more reinforced.

The church has remained in the precious arms of the Lord. It has been a wonderful three years of God’s tremendous grace for the church”.

Synagogue Church Of All Nations SCOAN today is the exemplification of the biblical word of Prophet Isaiah: the mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.

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The commingling of the present soothing and suavely atmospheric conditions with the effervescent mood in Accra is just too robust, palpable and exhilarating just as Ghanaians are bubbling in excitement and high expectations ahead of February 9, 2024 SCOAN Revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua.

The revival promises to be another big statement in evangelism and charity works that have become synonymous with The Synagogue, Church of All Nations.

Residents and people from neighbouring countries are besieging the city in full optimism and passion for the miracles they are anticipating as can be seen in their excitement whenever vehicles carrying the crusade banners pass through the streets.

“Regardless of what anti-christ people and spiritual ignoramuses may say, we that had known and benefited from God’s raw power and love in TBJoshua know him to be a great man of God and that grace has continued to flourish in Pastor EVELYN Joshua” said by an eminent personality inside his exotic car in the traffic.

The atmosphere is getting more electrifying, reminiscence of the colonial days when people were full of eagerness to see the arrival of imperial rulers

This writer’s visit to The SCOAN Ghana branch revealed many things: church workers were in their hundreds, working and putting in place logistics for the event. One conspicuous thing about them was the passion and zeal with which they were working. Also, sick people and those in search of spiritual succor have thronged the church to be registered for the Prayer line.

A member of the ministry who is on ground in Accra, Mr Segun Olanipekun, said, “The atmosphere is fully charged. The expectations are high and People are in high spirit. People are prepared to receive the touch of God because the turnout of people at last Sunday’s service in Ghana was overwhelming with uncountable number of cars parked on both sides of the road leading to the church. This shows that people are now hungrier to have an encounter with God.”

Speaking on the forthcoming revival during her closing remarks at The SCOAN Sunday service on February 4, 2024, Pastor Evelyn Joshua said The SCOAN would continue to evangelize as long as satan himself is not relenting on his mission of stealing, killing and destruction.

“We shall continue to evangelize with our mission of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. The Ghana revival is another opportunity for us to experience God’s touch on humanity,” she said.

The Ghana revival with Pastor Evelyn Joshua on Friday February 9, 2024 will be followed by the Partners’ Meeting on Saturday February 10 while Monday February 12 will be for charity program.

Since the demise of the founder of the ministry, Prophet TB Joshua, the new leadership led by Pastor Evelyn Joshua, has vowed to sustain his legacy of winning souls to the Kingdom and bringing hope to the hopeless in a world full of troubles.

Honourable David Apasera, a former member of the ECOWAS Parliament and also the leader of the People’s National Convention in Ghana has this to say: “This is a great occasion and this year is an election year for Ghana.

We need the intervention of the Lord and we know that with the coming of our mother, we are expecting a lot of deliverance and also healing for our land so that there would be peace. This is why we are singing in expectation.”

Honourable Samuel Jabanyite, a former parliamentarian, Chereponi and CEO SATCO Limited speaks with enthusiasm: “I am particularly very happy with the arrival of our mother.

The Lord has used her and we have seen how the church has grown from strength to strength both in Ghana here, in Nigeria and all over the world. Her coming here is going to be an opportunity for God to use her to break down bondages and free people from all their spiritual attacks and then bring them closer to God. We expect her to pray for our country, especially because this is a year of elections.”

Another public servant, Hon Dominic Azumah, a former parliamentarian and Minister of State was not left behind: “I am here to welcome mama to Ghana. I have followed closely her performances since she took over the mantle of leadership of the church. It is our prayer that the good Lord will touch her heart to revolutionize the church. It is my prayer that the good Lord will use her mightily to bless our country Ghana.

We pray that she would add us into her prayer so that we can have a smooth transition into the next government. We pray for a fruitful visit.

As a country we have faced a myriad of problems. First and foremost is the issue of peace. If there is peace in this country, other things will follow. Economic benefits will come. When there is no peace these benefits will not come.”

Clearly Ghanaians are set for a great revival while the mission and vision of changing lives, changing nations and changing the world as anchored by TBJOSHUA is moving in grace and unswervingly.

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